About Us

Meet Debbie and Jeff.

Dante's Peak at Death Valley

Dante’s Peak at Death Valley

After both riding the so-called “train” for 20+ years (you know the one – get married in your 20’s cuz that’s what ya do, build your career, buy a home, fill it with some kids, and then realize that you are empty inside), they each disembarked at Divorce Station.

Their paths crossed in the most unusual way, and were friends at first.  With way too many common interests, passions, hobbies and dreams to ignore – that friendship quickly turned into an incredible romance.

Early on in their relationship, Jeff suggested they buy a VW hippy bus together. Debbie was at first a bit apprehensive, however Jeff said, “You only live once”.  Those words were the catalyst for a 6-month search for a late 1970’s VW Westfalia campervan.  In February 2013, they found their dream bus in Riverside, California.  It was love at first sight.  Debbie & Jeff are the second owners of an adorable 1976 rust-free bus named,  ‘Marigold’.   During the summer months she is based in Toronto, Canada, and spends her winters in the US Southwest.  During the winter of 2013-14, Marigold visited San Francisco, Yosemite, the Eastern Sierra Nevadas, Big Sur, Los Angeles, Death Valley, Zion, the Grand Canyon, Vegas and Sedona. In January 2015, Debbie and Jeff completed an epic 4,000 km, 16-day roadtrip in Baja California from San Diego to Todos Santos, Mexico and back.

This blog is about them (us). Dating in our 40’s, having 5 kids, a VW hippy bus, and a crazy need for adventure – especially with our mountain bikes. We hope our stories will inspire others to passionately pursue their simple pleasures, and expand their realm of possibilities.

That's me and Jeff  :)


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi!

    We are Javiera and Rodrigo from Chile.

    We rode the same train and jumped off at the same station.

    Now we have 2+2 kids + a yellow/white VW bus (which we found in 2013 after a several-months-search triggered by the “you only live once” statement).

    Too much of a coincidence huh?

    We are convinced that tribes exist.

    Great posts. Keep riding (an subsequently posting)

    See you around!

    BTW, we are also in our early forties.

    • Hola! Nice to meet you both. Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, indeed, many commonalities. We’d love to visit South America with Marigold someday. Debbie has visited Patagonia and longs to return with our bus. This winter we are driving from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas down the Baja Penninsula. Can’t wait! Too bad we don’t have the time to continue south….. Save travels! Have fun with your blended family and your bus adventures! J & D

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