Our New Travel Companion – ‘Hottie’

Day Ten:  Tecolote, La Paz to Playa Escondida (Hidden Beach), Bahia Concepcion (482 km)

We’ll be perfectly honest.  It’s been a bit more challenging than expected to cook meals without our beloved stove.  The MSR WhisperLight has been fine, but we’ve been using it sparingly as we cannot find camp fuel anywhere in Baja.  Nor can we find a replacement propane stove.

The propane single burner that Eric and Donada kindly donated to us overheated and broke a few days ago.  What a bummer.

While camping last night at Tecolote, our neighbour friend David reframed our entire ‘Bandito’ experience with our stolen camp stove.  He said that we were camping in an impoverished area (our bad) and this seemingly upsetting event for us, is likely helping some poor family with a new cook surface and stove.  Hmmmm.  Interesting reframing of something that was initially so upsetting for us.  So we feel at peace with this incident knowing someone less fortunate is better off.

We were still super frustrated at not being able to purchase a new stove anywhere in Baja. Not even at WalMart in La Paz……until today!!!

Debbie spotted what looked to be a mobile garage sale set up beside a gas station in Ciudad Insurgentes about 230 km north of La Paz.  This guy was selling everything you could imagine from elliptical trainers, to weed wackers to inline skates to…..CAMPING GEAR!

He had 2 double burner propane stoves for sale.   Slightly used.  Hmmmmmm…….

After grappling with our basic human need for heat for cooking with the ethics of buying stolen goods, we hung our head in shame and bought the stove.  After some typical Mexican price haggling we paid $25 US plus 100 pesos.

So there you have it.  Things came full circle.  And we got to experience the black market in Mexico firsthand.

We affectionately named our stove Hottie, for all of the obvious reasons. Below is our new stove, Hottie:


So about that family using our deluxe table and stove to feed their children?  Ummmm, not so sure.

But hey, if you are ever without a stove in Baja, and find a dude selling them on the side of the road near San Quentin, know that we are more than okay if you wish to buy our original red deluxe Coleman double burner propane stove.

4 thoughts on “Our New Travel Companion – ‘Hottie’

  1. Hey, at that yard sale…. did you happen to see our minion propane tank or snorkeling gear? If so… grab it please and we will pay you back. Yeah, we are helping a poor family take their kids snorkeling- NOT!! hee hee hee

    • Thanks for the good laff. Sorry about your gear. Seems we are now part of the same club! We searched and searched for your gear in Baja – came up empty handed. Sorry. Safe travelling wherever you are!

  2. Great story. I’m sitting here reading it and giggling. Giggling loud enough that Liv just asked me “what’s so funny?” Great story and glad you got Hottie. 🙂

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