Inspiration for our Blog

Perhaps some of you are wondering about the origins of, “Shooting Stars and Hudson Bay Blankets”?  If so, please read on….

Last summer, when we were first dating, Jeff invited me to his cottage. I was unsure at first about going. We had just recently gone from being good friends to ‘being in a relationship’, after a post-mountain biking ride ‘kiss’ forever changed the DNA of our friendship.  He also shared with me that his 3 kids would be there, so I’d be getting to know Jeff better, AND his kidlets.  Well….you only live once.  Right?

DSC_0667I dove into the so-called deep end figuring I’d know wholeheartedly whether all of this was for me.

Being at his cottage – affectionately called ‘Cannonball Cottage’ – was magical.  When we first arrived on Friday night it was raining – gently.  He took me down to his dock, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.  It was so incredibly romantic.  Yup – so far this was for me!

The next day the rain was gone and gave way to clear blue sunny skies.  Which in turn lead to a clear dark night with millions of twinkling stars.  He brought down some classic, iconic Canadian Hudson’s Bay point blankets.  We lay underneath the stars, wrapped in each others arms and enveloped in these warm, heavy beautiful blankets.  Shooting stars whipped across the sky and we lay speechless soaking in all of this amazing beauty.  After hours of stillness, and reveling in the amazing-ness of planet earth and mother nature, a wolf kill occurred in the distance.  We capped off the most glorious evening with the haunting sounds of wolves feasting.  Incredible!DSC_0694

The Hudson’s Bay blanket became symbolic of simply joys, connecting with nature and being Canadian.  The blankets even came out in the midst of our Canadian winter, when we had a campfire on the frozen lake with a wind chill of -27 C.

Shooting Stars and Hudson Bay Blankets.
Simplicity….nature….adventure….shooting stars….warmth…..and falling in love.

That’s what this blog is all about.  🙂